Priorities of City Council Members

We have gathered this information from the City Council website and other sources. Please contact us if tyou’d like to suggest an addition or change.

  1. Mayor Steve Schewel
    1. Is against “weakening environmental protections”
    2. “Improve the quality of our lakes and streams”
    3. Affordable housing
    4. 2018 State of the City Address:
    5. Visiting Assistant Professor, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University
    6. Past Board Member, Durham Arts Council & Durham Public Education Network
    7. Steve Schewel – Ballotpedia
  2. Jillian Johnson
    1. Youth Commission
    2. Race Equity Commission
    3. Board member, Durham for All
    4. For inclusion and against gentrification
  3. Javiera Caballero
    1. Upper Neuse River Basin Association Committee
    2. Environmental Affairs Board (Alternate) Committee
  4. Charlie Reece
    1. Attorney
    2. UNC and Harvard
    3. Affordable housing
  5. DeDreana Freeman
    1. Environment Affairs Board
    2. Jordan Lake One Water Alliance
    3. Equity for all
  6. Mark-Anthony Middleton
    1. Housing and resisting gentrification = One of his campaign themes
  7. Pierce Freelon
    1. “My health platform also commits to environmental and housing justice”
    2. Looked up to his father who “did not do things for money”
    3. “To be accountable to the people they serve”
    4. “An elected official should do thorough research and make informed decisions, which center people over profits”
    5. “safe and healthy environment for generations to come”