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The proposal to rezone and annex 146 wooded acres between Guess and Bivins road has been voided! See our latest UPDATE. However, we will continue using this website to share information in case a new proposal to develop this land is submitted. We also hope the resources here will be helpful to other community groups and our neighbors. Finally, we plan to keep sharing what we learn about how we can permanently protect North Durham from over-development and urban sprawl.


If you have experience in technical areas such as land use, rezoning, legal or environmental issues, please volunteer.  There are many other ways to help, so if you’d like to get involved, contact us.

Share your views with local officials

Write the City Council and Durham Planning Commission members. They are open to your views and it is important that they hear them. Keep in mind that we are not opposed to development; we are opposed to high-density development. Be clear and to the point, reasonable and concerned. We have created a list of key issues with language you can use if you wish. As the proposal moves through the planning stages, there will be other opportunities to write or call the Council and Commissioners. Let’s keep the dialog open with the goal of maintaining lower density development in our area.

Comment Online. The planning department has launched a new tool for sharing updates and gathering community input on rezoning proposals. Please post comments here by dragging a pin onto the map. You can make general comments or select a topic, add photos, respond to a comment or like a comment.

Email the Durham City Council. They make the final, binding decisions about the annexation and rezoning:

Email the Durham Planning Commission. They make non-binding recommendations to the City Council about proposed zoning changes and other matters:

Email the City Manager
Wanda Page

Please also consider emailing each Planning Commission and City Council Member individually. We have compiled a list of their email addresses and their priorities.

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