Actions to Take Before April 26

Status update

On April 26, the staff of the Planning Commission will send their comments regarding the proposal back to the developers. This is the first round of reviews. There will be many more rounds of reviews, but it is best to get our opinions on the record early.

What you can do now

Comment Online: The planning department has just launched a new tool to make it easier for citizens to comment on re-zoning proposals and find updates. They are excited about this tool and will be paying close attention to it. Please check out the tool and comment as soon as you can.

Write the City Council and Durham Planning Commission members NOW. Please reference the Planning Commission case number in your correspondence (Z2100010). We have summarized some of the key reasons we are opposed to high-density development. Use these as a starting point for your email or letter.  Add your own comments. Make it personal, and if you can, attach photos of flooding after rain, traffic on Russell and other roads, wildlife and other things that tell your story. Please also talk to your neighbors and get them involved.

Key messages for the Planning Commission and City Council

The Planning Commission will make their recommendations to City Council later in this process, so it’s important to reach out to them sooner rather than later. They are open to your views. Be clear and to the point, be reasonable and concerned. As the proposal moves through the planning stages, there will be other opportunities to call or write. Let’s keep the dialogue open with the goal of maintaining lower density development in our area.

We have been told that emailing members individually makes an even greater impact. You can find a list of their email addresses here.

You can find the priorities and concerns of City Council Members here.

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